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Today, I complete three years of living in New York City area. This is the longest that I have ever lived in any place in the US., the closest being Colorado Springs, CO where I lived for a little over 2.5 years.

What does it mean to live in New York?

To me, New York is the greatest city in the world. Granted, it can be an insane place. NY challenges you in many ways but this is also a place where people help and support each other. The differences you see among people living here are so amazing that you can spend a lifetime just observing them. You can find people from all religions, skin colors, traditions and languages of the world. You can find those of differing sexual orientations, millionaires, homeless people, intellectuals, artists, musicians and celebrities riding incognito in the subway. This is also a city where you can wear a dress from any part of the world and people would hardly raise an eyebrow.

There are beautiful parts and there are terrifying parts in the city.

New York is the city of dreams. People come here from all over the world to make a living and many succeed.

Manhattan Skyline  © copyright Marc Cappelletti

As I complete three years in The Big Apple, I couldn’t agree more with this quote –

The present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost.

~ John Jay Chapman

Start: 6:30am at Central Park, Upper East Side

Temp: 57 °F

Thanks to Gautham again who not only convinced and motivated me to join the run, but ran with me the whole distance. Even when I was slowing down due to tiredness and pain he ran alongside and kept encouraging me. I finally completed the 23 miles run. It was physically and mentally tough, but I am glad I finished the run. The weather helped as it was not too warm.

With one more long distance run (26 miles) , I am back to my training schedule in preparation for NYC Marathon.

I ran with my Galloway group and we finished where we started at Central Park on the upper east side. As I sat down on the bench to rest my tired legs and recover my breath, I beheld a strange sight. I saw this white statue of a ballerina that I had not noticed before.


From where I sat, I kept looking at her still pose and was wondering when this statue was installed. I wanted to go closer and take a better look, but my legs were aching and sitting on the bench felt very good. I kept looking at the statue for what seemed like an eternity and then she gracefully moved to strike another pose! That’s when my curiosity got the better of me and I went closer and took the above picture. There was a bucket which can be partially seen on the left corner bottom. It said ‘please donate a dollar if you wish to take a picture’. We did donate. I was amazed by her stillness and grace.

I was happy to complete 23 miles though I was aching and sore all over.

My next goal – Newport Liberty Half Marathon on Sept. 26th.

Little Red Lighthouse

I ran 16miles with my running group yesterday. I was not ready for the run and even the previous night was not thinking of it. Thanks to Gautham (who is also in the picture) who not only convinced and motivated me, but also literally dragged me to Central Park, NY so I could join the run.

Due to him, I not only completed the 16 miles, but felt much much better after. That’s what friends are for. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

The picture was taken after we completed the 10th mile. This is the Little Red Light House under the George Washington Bridge.

The Little Red Lighthouse

It is the only remaining light house on Manhattan Island. Click on the picture to read the inscription.

 shoes_ibec1185828 51jVJxfFAdL._AA300_ 41r80mXouxL._AA300_51ZFmq5m53L._AA300_  

I have been a Saucony shoes fan, having run my last two full marathons (Marine Corps and Chicago) in them. But those were past their prime and it was time for a change of footgear for my coming marathons.

So off I went to Jack Rabbits Sports Store in Manhattan, NY and got my strides tested on their fancy equipment.  Mary, their very helpful store manager, studied my strides and suggested I switch to Asics as they had better arch support and cushioning compared to the Saucony I had on.

I felt the Asics was a bit heavier than the Saucony, but gave me more cushioning. I liked the feel and so let her persuade me and bought these shoes.

After all, she should know for she is running the 2010 Boston Marathon next Monday April 19th! I was probably in awe of her, but nevertheless, I felt she knew what she was talking about.

If you are thinking of any form of long distance running, please go to a similar  sports store and have your strides tested. It is free and well worth it. Do not buy your running shoes based on how good they are in the shop window. You need a shoe that’s right for you, not just something that you think may look nice on you, something that helps in your running, not just a show-off.

So, now here I am, breaking in my new Asics and the New Jersey and New York Marathons I intend to run this year seem that much more comfortable.

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