The path of awakening
is not about
becoming who you are.
Rather it is about
unbecoming who you are not.

When you awaken,
you bring consciousness
into existence, and the
whole existence
When you awaken,
you become
a mirror for existence.

We are here to wake up
and then to celebrate.
That is all we are here for.
We are not here to do
anything or achieve anything.
If we do something worthwhile or
achieve something, then that’s fine
but we are not here for that.
We are just here to wake up.

The only longing to follow is the
longing to awaken.
You can long for a woman, or a man.
You can long for material
possessions and success.
All of these longings will
take you further away,
but the longing
to know who you are
will take you home.

~ Leonard Jacobson
an invitation to spiritual awakening

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