May 08 2023: 189 lbs!! 🥹 😭  I am resuming my running and going to watch what I eat and imbibe.

Sep 27 2022: 187 lbs 😭 The last one year has been challenging with job search, house damage due to flood, and eventual house sale. Am starting intermittent fasting and hope for it to work. (ps: I didn’t work for me).

Apr 20 2021: 174 lbs

Mar 09 2021: 180 lbs.

July 14 2020: 190 lbs. Every since the Coronavirus pandemic in the US from March of this year, it has been tough to remain active and control my weight 😔

May 05 2019: 165.4 lbs (it is tough maintaining the weight lost last year) 😢

June 04 ’18: 159.4 lbs (Hiked 14 miles on the Appalachian trail mountains at NY y’day. Most of this loss could be water loss.)

May 20 2018:
162 lbs (73.5 kgs)

Apr 08 2018:
 165.5 lbs. The lowest that I have weighed in past 5 years! 🙂

Feb 04 2018: 174 lbs 😐

Sep 09 2017: 171 lbs. 🙂

Mar 08 2017: 177 lbs. Too much 🍕 & 🍻

Apr 15 2016:
172 lbs. Time to focus and lose weight and get fit.

Apr 25 2013:
167.4 lbs. I have lost a total of 20 pounds in 2013!

Mar 28: I joined My Fitness Pal soon after the post below. I have been watching what I eat and exercise regularly. Today’s weight »170.2 lbs.

Jan 26 2013: 2012 went away in a blur. It was hard to stay motivated. I gave up the juice diet since my last update and also did not get back to running. I have stayed off sugar and substitute my coffee and tea with honey or stevia. I went to gym today and did a light workout. Weight today was 183.4 lbs.

Jan 01 2013 – 187.6 lbs! 😳

Mar 12: 176 lbs. I have totally given up sugar & coffee and no longer add milk to my tea. Also, I have started a weekend juice diet inspired by the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I have so far lost 12 pounds in 50 days and more importantly feel lighter and energetic.

Feb 20: 178.6lbs.

Feb 11 2012: 182lbs.

Jul 03 2011: I have literally fallen off the fitness wagon. Barely any running, yoga or exercise. Physically and mentally lazy. Today, out of whim I checked my weight and it was 182lbs.

Mar 28 2011: I finally ran today for the first time since the NYC Marathon I had completed 4+ months ago. I ran an easy 3 miles in the cold and brisk early morning air. It felt good. Checked my weight after the run. It was about 180lbs! I have lost the weight I had gained. (:

Jan 18 2011: I had stopped running after NYC Marathon on Nov. 7th. Had been to India, was depressed due to my mom passing away and generally feeling sad and not exercising. Realized today that I can’t continue like this. So am back to taking care of my health. My weight today was 185 lbs.

Oct. 30: Ran the last 10.2 miles of NYC Marathon route. My weight today was 180lbs.

Oct. 17: I ran 18 miles today which will be my last long run before the NYC Marathon. After the run, my weight remained unchanged from last reading.

Oct 06: I have gained back the weight. I was a tad below 180lbs today.

Sep 18: After this month long hiatus from running and my meditation retreat at Colorado, I rejoined my group and ran the 23 miles training run in Manhattan. My weight is now 177lbs.

Aug 13: 179lbs after my 18 miles training run.

Aug 03: I ran 16 miles on Sat. Y’day I went for an hour long free Yoga class at the Jersey City library. I really liked it as the teacher was good. This morning I did a 6.5 miles solo run and felt good. Later when I got on the scale I was 179lbs. The first time this year I have gone below the 180 mark. I am all smiles. 🙂

Jul 18: Ran 14 miles with the Galloway group y’day from Central Park to Battery Park and back. Whew! it was a hot and humid day and I was drained when I reached home. Today I took it easy and did 3.5 miles on the treadmill in the gym and followed it with some weights and ab crunches. My weight today was 183lbs.

Jul 11: Ran 6.5 miles from home to Lincoln park. At the track inside the park I ran an additional 1 mile timed run and was happy to see I did it in exactly 8 minutes. When I weighed myself after the run, I was 181 lbs. I have lost the gain of last week. I am happy.

Jul 06: I ran 12 miles at the Liberty State Park on Sat and 5 miles this morning from my home and around Pershing Field. It was very hot and humid even at 6am. When I weighed myself after the run I was 185lbs! I have gained. Probably due to the long weekend that I spend indoors due to the heat. I was watching TV and ate white rice (which I normally avoid) and Pizza. However, I am glad I am keeping up with my running despite the heat.

Jun 26: Ran from lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge, into Brooklyn and did a loop of the famed Prospect Park. About 8 miles in total. When I came home and weighed myself, I was 183lbs. No gain no loss.

Jun 20: Ran 10 miles at Central Park y’day . It was a very hot day so the run was much tougher than I anticipated. I was too tired after the run. So checked my weight today. It was 183lbs. A gain of 1.5lbs which could be due to all the water I had been drinking y’day. 😉

Jun 12: Ran 7 miles with the JC Runners this morning. When I checked my weight later at home, I was elated! I weighed 181.5lbs. Hope to keep up the momentum.

Jun 08: I had fallen off the weight watching wagon and was aware of it. So I avoided the scale for a month. However, this Ostrich like behavior was not going to help me lose weight. So this morning I got up early and went for a 4.5 miles run in the park with a new running buddy. On my return I weighed myself and found I was 184lbs. I have gained 3 pounds in a month.

May 09: I had run the NJ Marathon on May 2nd ‘10 in brutal heat. It took me a week to recover from the sunburn and exhaustion. So today I spent an hour in my apt. complex gym doing stationary bike, weights and abdominal exercises. No running though. Later when I checked my weight it was 181lbs.

Apr 30: With my trip to India since my last update, I did not have time to exercise regularly and watch my diet. I had slackened. This morning I ran an easy 4 miles in preparation for the NJ Marathon this Sun May 2nd. When I weighed after the run, I was 182.4lbs. I need to start running and exercising regularly to lose weight before the NYC marathon I plan to run this Nov.

Feb 07: With the temp dipping I found it very difficult to run outdoors for the past 3 weeks and somehow couldn’t motivate myself to go to the gym during this time. I have been slacking at home, been busy and tired at work and not being  careful with what I ate. This morning I ran 5kms in 28 mins at the Liberty State Park at a wind chill temp of 15F. It was very cold. When I weighed myself after the run, I was 181lbs.

Jan 16: I ran 10 miles in 1h49m at the Liberty State Park and weighed myself after that. I weighed a smidgen over 180lbs today. I had eaten much over the past week and did not expect weight loss.

Jan 09: I ran my fastest 5km at the Gym today at 26:52 and followed it with 8 miles in 30 mins on the stationary bike. I have lost 3lbs in the past 4 days. This week was stressful at work due to which  I had skipped dinner or lunch or breakfast on different days. But overall, am feeling fine.

Jan 05 2010: The scale I used in Bally Gym is broken. Fortunately, I received a new scale as a gift for the New Year and henceforth will be using that to measure my weight. This morning I ran 1 mile on the treadmill and followed it with 5.30 miles on the stationary bike and did some weights. When I weighed myself after that I found I was 183.4lbs. I have either gained weight or it is likely that there is a variation between the new scale and the one I used in the gym previously.

Dec 27: I ran my fastest 5km at the Gym today at 27m 28secs. I followed it up with 30 minutes on the stationary bike, some weights and yoga. The weight loss isn’t much. I weighed 181.5lbs but I feel much better.

Dec 20: We received lots of snow overnight and this was the scene when I woke up in the morning. I was tempted to snuggle back in bed and do nothing. However, I knew the guilt of not doing anything will gnaw my mind and I will feel worse. So off I went to the Gym trudging through snow, some knee-deep after the snow plough cleared the snow and piled it on the sidewalk. I ran 5K on the treadmill and then did 25 minutes on the stationary bike. That’s when the fire-alarm went off with a loud annoying scream. The gym staff made me get out of the building and there was I in my t-shirt and shorts, standing in the main road and freezing. After what seemed like an eternity I was let in and by then I had lost any motivation to continue exercising. That’s when I checked my weight and was happy to see I had lost 2.5lbs this week!

Dec 13: After ignoring the scale and gym for more than a month I finally swallowed my guilt and worked out at the gym today. During this time, I had stopped running, got a nasty flu that lasted for 10 days and ate like a Swine. There were too many tempting Christmas treats at my office that I could not resist. So I had cheese, cookies, hot chocolate, cakes, soda, chips and wine and beer (these two at the office party). I was sure I must have gained back whatever weight I had lost. However, I made sure I drank my coffee or tea with honey and did not use white sugar.

So I was pleasantly surprised that my weight had stayed same! I must be lucky or perhaps the flu balanced out the gain. I have to stay aware of what I eat and exercise regularly. It’s no fun being a slob.

Nov 5: I have not been exercising for more than a week. I was also busy packing and moving to a new home. As a result I have not been watching what I eat and have been eating out. So, when I checked my weight today, I had lost no weight. I am glad I did not add any pounds.

Oct 24: I am happy with the results of my weight loss graph! It shows I lost one pound between the 14th and 19th of this month and four pounds in just five days since then. Hope I don’t gain it back as quick .

Oct 14 2009 –

Now that winter is here (yes folks, NYC went directly from summer to winter), I rejoined my gym earlier this October. When I checked my weight, my eyes popped out in disbelief. I was 10lbs (4.5kgs) heavier than my weight at around the same time last year! I have run faster in this year’s marathon, but have become heavier. One reason could be that I am eating more due to hunger pangs, post running. Also, I have not been watching my dairy and sugar intake.

It was time for a reality check . I now need to eat sensibly, workout regularly and watch my weight. My goal is to lose 30lbs (13.6kgs) before I run my next marathon next year. I am 5’10” tall and my ideal weight should be 160lbs, about 30lbs lighter than now.

I will frequently update my blog and the weight tracker. Please wish me luck and strength as I embark on my weight loss journey. Thank you.