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Weighing Anxiety

I will be regularly monitoring my weight and decided I needed a separate page for regular updates.   Please click on the Fitness Tracker page at the header of this blog to read about my efforts in reaching my ideal weight and keeping fit.

I have tried to use the gym now and then. More out of guilt of having taken their membership! I come home at 7 pm and by then I am mentally and physically tired. By the time I change and rush to the gym (they close at 9pm) it’s close to 7:30pm. The gym is crowded then and you have to stand and wait for the treadmill or one of the other cardio equipments to get free so you can pounce and occupy it. Overall, the gym isn’t bad. However, I wish they provided paper towels or even hand towels so one can clean the sweaty equipment after its previous use.

But I am not complaining. I should try and get up early in the morning so I can use the equipment between 6am-8am. I am lazy and need to change my sleep habits.

The gym is less than 10 minutes walk from my home, so I can’t complain. Now if only I could use it regularly.

Sigh !  confused_smiley

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