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I had written an earlier post mentioning how lucky I was to have made it to the 2010 NYC Marathon lottery. With just 3 months to go before the marathon, I want to keep my focus on the race and not get emotionally sidetracked by other issues. This marathon is special. For the first time, world record holder Haile Gebrselassie (2h:03m:59secs) is running this race. I may never get to see him during the race, but to be one amongst the participants is a pride in itself.

I ran 6.5 miles this morning and have also lost a bit of weight. I feel upbeat and hope to keep my training on track. Two of my running buddies with whom I initially started running in the 2008 Asha Marathon program are also running the NYC for the first time. I am excited and look forward to their company and running with them at the event.

Please wish me luck as I prepare for the marathon. Thanks!

Little Red Lighthouse

I ran 16miles with my running group yesterday. I was not ready for the run and even the previous night was not thinking of it. Thanks to Gautham (who is also in the picture) who not only convinced and motivated me, but also literally dragged me to Central Park, NY so I could join the run.

Due to him, I not only completed the 16 miles, but felt much much better after. That’s what friends are for. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

The picture was taken after we completed the 10th mile. This is the Little Red Light House under the George Washington Bridge.

The Little Red Lighthouse

It is the only remaining light house on Manhattan Island. Click on the picture to read the inscription.

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