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System Administrator at Work!

Disclosure: My current boss is nothing like above, though I admit I have had a boss in the past who breathed down my neck 24/7 like pointy-haired Wally.

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The following is the transcript of a cell phone video shot by Billy Sullivan in Homer, Alaska.  Billy gave Kathleen permission to hang her banner (PALIN WORST GOVERNOR EVER) on his place of business at the Homer docks in clear view of Palin’s Discovery entourage. Note the personality change when she realizes a video really is being made.

Palin: like how? What’s up?
Kathleen: You swore on your precious Bible that you would uphold the interests of this state, and then when cash was waved in front of your face, you quit.
Palin: OH, you WANTED me to be your governor!  I’m honored! Thank you!
Kathleen: I wanted you to honor your responsibilities. That is what I wanted.  I wanted you to be part of the political process instead of becoming a celebrity so that you could (inaudible). And if that’s the best you could do, then good for you. If that’s the best you could do.
Palin: Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. (inaudible) That’s what I’m out there fightin’ for Americans to be able to have a Constitution protected so that we can have free speech…And ALSO there…
Kathleen: In what way are you fighting for that?
Palin: Oh my goodness!
Kathleen: In what way?
Palin: To elect candidates who understand the Constitution, to protect our military interests so that we can keep on fightin’ for our constitution that will protect some of the freedoms that evidently are important to you too.
Kathleen: By using your celebrity status, certainly not by political status.
Palin Daughter: How is she a celebrity? That’s my question.
Palin: I’m honored!  No, she thinks I’m a celebrity!
Palin Daughter: That’s funny that you think she is.
Kathleen: Well, you’re certainly not representing the state of Alaska any longer…even though…
Palin Daughter: She’s representing United States?
Kathleen: Yes, I know. You belong to America now, and that suits me just fine. Yeah.
Palin: What do you do here?
Kathleen: I’m a teacher
Palin: Oh. (Eye roll and protracted grimace)
Palin Daughter: Oh.
Kathleen: I also have a few other jobs. I’m married to a commercial fisherman.  And so I fish.
Palin: Oh that’s cool.  So am I!  I married to-we probably have a lot in common!
Kathleen: Yeah. You know, I think that we do.
Palin: Hi! (waves to camera) Are we on video?
Kathleen: Too bad. I’m more of a still camera girl myself. (inaudible) I am, I am…I will tell you I’m very pleased to meet you.
Palin: I’m honored to meet you, I really am. And, no we both agree on the freedom of speech and the-
Kathleen: Yes we do.
Palin: you know – the protection of that. So, um, no I and, you know… best of everything to you too and Yeah.
Kathleen: Thank you for coming over.
Palin: Well, okay. It’s nice to meet you anyway.


Credit: Shannyn Moore,
Seven Goes Into Twenty-Eight Thirteen Times

Whether you multiply, divide or add, the answer is always 28. Don’t believe it? Watch the video and you will rethink your math!

Its from the 1946 movie, A Little Giant starring Bud Abbott  and Lou Costello released by Universal Pictures.


Its a familiar feeling for amateur bloggers like me to check their blog statistics and feel disappointed when we see  few hits. Sounds familiar?  🙂

However, I have noticed some bloggers who are addicted to their blogs.

Blog Addiction:

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