Its a familiar feeling for amateur bloggers like me to check their blog statistics and feel disappointed when we see  few hits. Sounds familiar?  🙂

However, I have noticed some bloggers who are addicted to their blogs.

Blog Addiction:

Unfortunately what starts with casual writing can soon turn into a serious blog addiction for many bloggers. Once people start writing, they can track how many users read their article or have left comments on their posts. This excitement keeps building up and bloggers tend to write more and more – it is like a fire keeps feeding itself and keeps growing. Bloggers tend to be obsessed and anxious about their next article all the time.

I admit, I was turning into one a few months ago. I would wake up and first thing check my blog stats in the morning and check it again the last thing before going to bed. I would be thinking of my next blog entry on my way to work and on way back home.

Fortunately the weather is much nicer in New York now, encouraging one to enjoy the outdoors. I enjoy my walks during lunch break and go out and run 3-4 miles every other morning. During weekends, I go for longer runs and thus I get to enjoy the sun and get fresh air, instead of staying indoors and be glued to the computer.

Wish me luck as I get ready for the NJ Full Marathon race on Sunday May 2nd 2010.