Today, I complete three years of living in New York City area. This is the longest that I have ever lived in any place in the US., the closest being Colorado Springs, CO where I lived for a little over 2.5 years.

What does it mean to live in New York?

To me, New York is the greatest city in the world. Granted, it can be an insane place. NY challenges you in many ways but this is also a place where people help and support each other. The differences you see among people living here are so amazing that you can spend a lifetime just observing them. You can find people from all religions, skin colors, traditions and languages of the world. You can find those of differing sexual orientations, millionaires, homeless people, intellectuals, artists, musicians and celebrities riding incognito in the subway. This is also a city where you can wear a dress from any part of the world and people would hardly raise an eyebrow.

There are beautiful parts and there are terrifying parts in the city.

New York is the city of dreams. People come here from all over the world to make a living and many succeed.

Manhattan Skyline  © copyright Marc Cappelletti

As I complete three years in The Big Apple, I couldn’t agree more with this quote –

The present in New York is so powerful that the past is lost.

~ John Jay Chapman