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I have been a Saucony shoes fan, having run my last two full marathons (Marine Corps and Chicago) in them. But those were past their prime and it was time for a change of footgear for my coming marathons.

So off I went to Jack Rabbits Sports Store in Manhattan, NY and got my strides tested on their fancy equipment.  Mary, their very helpful store manager, studied my strides and suggested I switch to Asics as they had better arch support and cushioning compared to the Saucony I had on.

I felt the Asics was a bit heavier than the Saucony, but gave me more cushioning. I liked the feel and so let her persuade me and bought these shoes.

After all, she should know for she is running the 2010 Boston Marathon next Monday April 19th! I was probably in awe of her, but nevertheless, I felt she knew what she was talking about.

If you are thinking of any form of long distance running, please go to a similar  sports store and have your strides tested. It is free and well worth it. Do not buy your running shoes based on how good they are in the shop window. You need a shoe that’s right for you, not just something that you think may look nice on you, something that helps in your running, not just a show-off.

So, now here I am, breaking in my new Asics and the New Jersey and New York Marathons I intend to run this year seem that much more comfortable.