French Fries

French fries are delicious, but they pack a caloric wallop. The problem is that although they’re most often a side dish, they feature main-dish calories. If you think you’re going to have “just one” or “a couple of bites” and leave the rest, well, you’re mistaken. French fries don’t work like that. Find out what it takes to burn off even a medium order of french fries from your favorite fast-food drive-through.

Medium french fries: 380 calories

 Exercise Equivalents

* Walking: 98 minutes
* Biking: 54 minutes
* Running: 40 minutes

 To make matters worse, one order contains 22 grams of fat and 57 grams of carbs! And remember: You’re adding a side of fries to a usually already hefty sandwich or burger. That burger and fries meal alone could rack up more than a thousand calories — busting your calorie bank for the whole day!