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French Fries

French fries are delicious, but they pack a caloric wallop. The problem is that although they’re most often a side dish, they feature main-dish calories. If you think you’re going to have “just one” or “a couple of bites” and leave the rest, well, you’re mistaken. French fries don’t work like that. Find out what it takes to burn off even a medium order of french fries from your favorite fast-food drive-through.

Medium french fries: 380 calories

 Exercise Equivalents

* Walking: 98 minutes
* Biking: 54 minutes
* Running: 40 minutes

 To make matters worse, one order contains 22 grams of fat and 57 grams of carbs! And remember: You’re adding a side of fries to a usually already hefty sandwich or burger. That burger and fries meal alone could rack up more than a thousand calories — busting your calorie bank for the whole day!

Garmin 305 Forerunner

Yesterday I received my new running tool (not toy, as some would think!). I had been holding out on buying this for quite some time now, mostly due to the cost. Also I never considered myself a professional runner to justify this splurge. I had been using the Tech4O  Accelerator watch which was okay to calculate the approximate distance run. It had an error rate of about 200 metres for every 4 mile, depending on my strides during the run.

The main features that I immediately plan to use are pace, heart rate, and distance. These three features will provide a huge amount of feedback and training flexibility. I want to train properly for the Chicago marathon and this watch would be a great training buddy.

However, I currently have painful posterior shin splints (pain in the shin area below both my calf muscles). So I  need to curtail my impatient eagerness to use it too soon. I will wait for a few days before I put this watch to test.  I have tested the heart rate function and it works well. I am now excited about hitting the road as soon as my shins are fit enough.

I have tried to use the gym now and then. More out of guilt of having taken their membership! I come home at 7 pm and by then I am mentally and physically tired. By the time I change and rush to the gym (they close at 9pm) it’s close to 7:30pm. The gym is crowded then and you have to stand and wait for the treadmill or one of the other cardio equipments to get free so you can pounce and occupy it. Overall, the gym isn’t bad. However, I wish they provided paper towels or even hand towels so one can clean the sweaty equipment after its previous use.

But I am not complaining. I should try and get up early in the morning so I can use the equipment between 6am-8am. I am lazy and need to change my sleep habits.

The gym is less than 10 minutes walk from my home, so I can’t complain. Now if only I could use it regularly.

Sigh !  confused_smiley

Bally Total Fitness After completing my Marathon in Oct. ’08, I had been physically inactive as I found it difficult to run in the cold weather. Unfortunately there was no Gym close to my home that I could join. Now, Bally’s have opened this center less than 10 minutes walk from my home and I did go and check them out. It’s a decent place. However, I had read horror stories on the web about their membership rules and how many were lured into long term contracts from which they could not get out. That made me hesitant. I tried to see if I could join them through my employer’s network, but this being a new center, it was not in the network. So I called the network provider, spoke to their customer rep and now 2-3 days later I have enrolled on a month-to-month contract.

I am going to start using the gym and start getting in shape. Wish me luck !

I will post my views on the gym as I start using them. Watch this space.

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