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The mool mantra is the first composition of the Sikh Holy Book (Granth) and was composed by Guru Nanak. (Mool means root or origin)

Punjabi Verses with English Translation

Ik Onkaar
There is one God

Sat Naam
Whose name is Truth

Kartaa Purakh
Is the creator

Nirbh-a-o Nirvair
Has no fear, Has no hate

Akaal Moorat
Is omnipresent

Ajoonee Saibhn
Never born and Self-perpetuating

Gur Parsaad
With Guru’s grace

Recite (pray)

Aad Sach
True since beginning (of time)

Jugaad Sach
True through ages

Hai Bhee Sach
Is true now

Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach
Says Nanak, will forever be true

Sochai Soch Naa Hov-a-ee
By thinking, (god) cannot be known

Jay Sochee Lakh Vaar
Even if you think a hundred thousand times (lakh)

Chupai Chup Naa Hov-a-ee
Even by remaining quiet (silent), inner stillness won’t happen

Jay Laa-i Rahaa Liv Taar
Even if poised deep in meditation forever

Bhukhi-aa Bhukh Naa Utree
The hungry will not be satiated

Jay Bannaa Puree-aa Bhaar
Even if  loaded with worldly goods

Sehas Si-aanpaa Lakh Hoh Taa
One may possess a million wits

Ik Naa Chalai Naal
But not one will accompany you (to the end)

Kiv Sachi-aaraa Ho-ee-ai
So how can we realize truth?

Kiv Koorhai Tutai Paal
How can one shatter the falsehood?

Hukam Rajaa-ee Chalnaa Naanak Likhi-aa Naal
Says Nanak, it is by abiding the command and walking the path as willed by God.

Disclaimer: I am not a Punjabi and tried my best to get the essence and real meaning of the verses. Please let me know if you have a better translation of any of the words. Thank you.



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