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I ran the 2014 ODDyssey Half Marathon on June 8th ‘14 at Philadelphia with the Garden State Cheetahs running group. It was quite warm during the morning of the race and I was relieved and exhausted when done.

Garden State Cheetahs at Finish LinePic: The Garden State Cheetahs at finish line. The two older gentlemen are fathers of two runners.

Oddyssey Half Marathon          Click here for Endomondo Running Report

Finishers got free beer at the finish line. The cold beer was a relief after the run under the hot sun.

Beer at Oddyssey Marathon

Which explains this ODD medal.  Its also a bottle opener! I enjoyed my run, though I wish there was crowd support, which sadly was negligent except for some cheering at the finish line.

ODDyssey Half Marathon 2014 Medal

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