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"The first time you share tea with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family, and for our family, we are prepared to do anything, even die"

– Haji Ali to Greg Mortensen (p.150)

This is one of the most inspiring book I have read. Its the life story of one American, Greg Mortenson, and his quest to build schools in the most dangerous and remote regions of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan.  This one man saw the importance of education, especially for girls, and how it is needed to bring peace and a future to areas that are ignored but a hot bed for strife and unrest, especially in these times.

He has so far build 50 schools in that region. A really amazing feat! Here are some of his words of wisdom –

  • The happiest people are those who serve others.
  • If we educate a boy, we educate an individual. If we educate a girl, we educate a community.
  • When your heart speaks, take good notes.
  • The real enemy we all face–in Africa, in America, in Asia–is ignorance, and ignorance precedes hatred.
  • If God is on anyone’s side, he’s on the side of the refugees, the orphans, the widows, the 78,000 wounded war veterans.

If anyone deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize, it is this man with his efforts to unite the world through education and female literacy. It is a truly remarkable story that will change your perspective on what goals you see as attainable.

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