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I attended a Mindful Eating lecture organized by my employer today. It  inspired this post.

Eating while multitasking, whether working through lunch or watching TV while eating dinner, often leads us to eat more. On the other hand, eating “mindfully,” savoring every mouthful, enhances the experience of eating and keeps us aware of how much we take in.

Our fast-food culture is one where meals have become yet another task we squeeze in during the day. It is all too common to hear of people grabbing breakfast on the run or attending a lunch meeting, where business is front and center and food is merely the bait to get people there.

The speed at which we eat isn’t the only problem. This is the age of  multitasking, where  we often pair eating with other activities, such as driving or working at our desks. It is rare that we’re simply eating when we’re eating. In fact, 66% of Americans report regularly eating dinner in front of the television.

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