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Once a Runner

August 2007

Click on the above book cover or here to download the book. Someone painstakingly scanned each of its pages and converted it to a pdf file ! If you desire to run, like running, or just want to know more about running as a way to get fit, then you must read this book. If you know of an audio version of this book, then please let me know.

June 2008

If you are in New York and want to join me for runs during the weekend at Central Park, let me know and we can team up. Pull up your socks, tie your shoes and get running !

Update: I have been contacted by the legend John Parker Jr himself ! See the comment field. I agree and respect his concern and so have removed the download link. If anyone needs his book, then wait for the sequel that he is working on to come out. The above book itself is very hard to find.  Thanks and keep running !

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