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Ramanin Mohanam

Yesudas and Ilayaraja at their best. The previous post was about Kamalahassan, so how can I ignore Rajni ? These are my favourite Rajnikant songs. Click on the above and below pictures for the song. SPB at his best for Ilayaraja for below song.

Thambikku Entha Ooru


The best entertaining movie that I have seen so far. Story – who cares ? The movie is stylish, song picturization excellent and Rajni is simply superb. Vivek has done a very good job and Suman as the villian is apt for the role. Shriya Saran as the heroine is good, but has nothing much to do than shake her hips, bat her eyelids and act coy. I was surprised to see Raghuvaran in the movie. He does his guest role well. My honest recommendation – Go see the movie !

Rajnikanth in Sivaji

Click on the picture to view or here to download the Sivaji movie trailer. Windows media player will play the downloaded *.flv file. There is lot of buzz about this movie. Its being released on June 15th ’07 and Rajnikanth is probably the highest paid actor for any Indian movie ever made. Enjoy the trailer ! Thanks to Praveen and Escape, whose movie reviews are the best. Hope to see their reviews after the movie’s release.

Update: Endhiran is to be released soon and I am eager to see how that is going to be. However, I don’t exaggerate when I say ‘Sivaji’ is the best movie of Rajani, for its sheer stylish and entertainment factor.

I do have the Sivaji DVD and especially like the ‘Balleilakka’ song depicted on the image above.

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