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Start: 6:30am at Central Park, Upper East Side

Temp: 57 °F

Thanks to Gautham again who not only convinced and motivated me to join the run, but ran with me the whole distance. Even when I was slowing down due to tiredness and pain he ran alongside and kept encouraging me. I finally completed the 23 miles run. It was physically and mentally tough, but I am glad I finished the run. The weather helped as it was not too warm.

With one more long distance run (26 miles) , I am back to my training schedule in preparation for NYC Marathon.

I ran with my Galloway group and we finished where we started at Central Park on the upper east side. As I sat down on the bench to rest my tired legs and recover my breath, I beheld a strange sight. I saw this white statue of a ballerina that I had not noticed before.


From where I sat, I kept looking at her still pose and was wondering when this statue was installed. I wanted to go closer and take a better look, but my legs were aching and sitting on the bench felt very good. I kept looking at the statue for what seemed like an eternity and then she gracefully moved to strike another pose! That’s when my curiosity got the better of me and I went closer and took the above picture. There was a bucket which can be partially seen on the left corner bottom. It said ‘please donate a dollar if you wish to take a picture’. We did donate. I was amazed by her stillness and grace.

I was happy to complete 23 miles though I was aching and sore all over.

My next goal – Newport Liberty Half Marathon on Sept. 26th.

Team Galloway






I am running the above race tomorrow morning at New York City. This annual race actually takes place at Florida. Interestingly (and fortunately) for people like me, the organizers have provided the option for runners interested in this cause to be able to run in their own neighborhood, or anywhere they choose. The virtual full and half marathon results will be added to the existing full and half marathon events taking place in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on February 21, 2010. Thousands of runners and fans are expected to gather there this year and 100% of the entry fee would be donated to breast cancer research at Mayo Clinic and Care for Women with Breast Cancer.

How does a Virtual Race Work?

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Fall Foliage in Highlands, NY                                                                                                              © Mike Groll /AP

I now feel my favorite season is autumn. I love the cooler nights, colorful leaves and cozy clothes. I love the sound of crunchy leaves when I walk and run in the park. I love the thought that soon, snow will fall and blanket the ground. I love the temperature. Its pefect with a light jacket in New York, but not too cold yet. Little adorable kids in costumes at Halloween. Adults in costumes aren’t cute. They look silly.

Have a great Fall.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering

I am joining MSKCC on Mon July 21 ’08 at their Epidemiology and Bio-Statistics department on Upper East Side in Manhattan, NY – close to Central Park. I will be working on Computational Biology and will be managing HP-UX, Tru64 and Linux Cluster servers, Oracle, Tomcat, Apache and varied Bio-Statistics applications. Needless to say, I am enthusiastic and look forward to my tenure there.

Wish me luck in my new profession. Thank you ! ♥

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