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Fall Foliage in Highlands, NY                                                                                                              © Mike Groll /AP

I now feel my favorite season is autumn. I love the cooler nights, colorful leaves and cozy clothes. I love the sound of crunchy leaves when I walk and run in the park. I love the thought that soon, snow will fall and blanket the ground. I love the temperature. Its pefect with a light jacket in New York, but not too cold yet. Little adorable kids in costumes at Halloween. Adults in costumes aren’t cute. They look silly.

Have a great Fall.


Yes, I am running this marathon. Please wish me luck!

Will update this space later when I am in Chicago.

2009 Chicago Marathon Result

Update:  I am back in NY. I could not access the Internet while in Chicago so could not post my finish time sooner. I had a very cold but enjoyable race and completed it in above time, which is my personal best. I finished the Marine Corps Marathon at Washington, DC last year at 5hours 33mins. 

Thanks to all of you who encouraged and motivated me to run the Chicago race after my spirit was flagging and was hesitant to go to Chicago just a month before the race. I am also thankful to the  New York Galloway run group for training me in the important RUN-WALK-RUN™ method. This helped me finish strong and recover sooner with minimum pain and no injuries.


This morning I ran for the first time with the Jersey City runners. It was cold, between 30-35F, but the morning air and the waterfront was invigorating. Thanks to Chennai Runners in India for igniting the passion of long distance running in me and to Asha Charity group in NYC for helping  me complete my first marathon.  I hope to have a good running buddy system with the JC runners.

I ran with Sam who organizes this meetup. He ran at an easy pace and is the kind of guy  a newcomer would feel easy to run with. Since we are still in winter not many members show up for the run. The weather is getting warmer now and so people will start coming out of hibernation for the run.

So if you are in Jersey City, then check out the meetup group and join us.

Happy running!

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