Official Stats:
13.1 Miles
2:17:30 Minutes
10:36 Pace

My Garmin Stats:
13.21 miles
2:15:01 Minutes
10:13 Pace


Pic: The waterfront after mile 11

I had run this race last year too, but when I signed up again this year, I had wanted this to be a training run for my 2010 NYC Marathon.


Gautham offered to pick me up in the morning and drive us to the race course. When we arrived there at about 7:50am, it was more chaotic than it had been in the past. There was traffic approaching the race and the line for the bathroom was insanely long. We parked and quickly went to the registration area and picked up our bibs and race D-tags (see pic below).

The D-Tag

Once I had everything in place, I joined the serpentine bathroom queue hoping the race would start late. No such luck as the announcement for start of the race came soon after. Abandoning the line, I scampered to the start line with Gautham, hoping to make good my quest for the loo somewhere en route.

The start gun went off right on time at 8:30am and about 2500 people started the race. My mind was on finding a bathroom, but all I could see, at about 3/4th mile into the race, was a bridge with a corner wall that some runners had turned into an impromptu loo. Me followed suit and continued the race in a ‘lighter’ frame of mind.

I quickly gained pace but .when I was turning a corner, at around the fourth mile, I ran straight into a wooden board behind a stop sign that I hadn’t noticed before. I banged my forehead, gasped in pain but continued running. I wasn’t bleeding, but I could feel the bump that was swelling up quick. Pushing the pain to the back of my mind, I continued the run, till at about 7th or 8th mile, I spotted Gautham on the opposite side of a loop. We surprised each other as by then, I was actually ahead  by about 2-3 minutes. When I reached the 10th mile the clock showed 1hour 46 minutes. I was hoping for 1:40 as that would have put me in an exact 10mins/mile pace.

It was hard not to look around and enjoy the glorious views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline that the Liberty State Park offered.We exited the park between miles 10 and 11. I carried on  hoping to pick up pace at the last mile. The wind was starting to pick up when we made the turn towards the waterfront after the park but I decided not to resist it but to just keep running. In the end I never saw the 12 mile mark and using my own assessment picked up pace for what I thought was the final 1.1mile. However, the finish line appeared sooner and I finished strong. No exhaustion at all. Gautham finished soon after and there was much camaraderie in the air.

A good race. Now, on to the rest of training for New York City Marathon.