Start: 5:45am at Columbus Circle, Manhattan West

Temp: 69 °F

Today is Friday and I usually never ever run on Friday. Monday being another non-run day. However I am going to be out of town this weekend and the next weekend I am going to Colorado for two weeks for my 10-day Vipassana sit. So when I learnt that a few of my Galloway group members were running the 18-miler today, I decided to run with them and get this distance done in preparation for my NYC Marathon training.

It was tough waking up at 3:45am on a week-day as I was tired from work the previous day. Nevertheless I pushed myself out of the bed, got ready and jaunted to the train station for my journey to New York. By the time I reached the start point I was late due to the train. I called up the group leader who told me where they were and I said I would run and catch up with them. I did meet up with them on the Hudson River walkway. I will let the pictures tell rest of the story.

Hudson River Park Map Map of the Hudson River Park Walkway

The Riverside Park with flowers ready to bloom

Am very tired now. Will post more pictures and conclude this post later.

view of Statue of liberty

View of Statue of Liberty from the route

Update: Its more than 30 hours since I completed the run and am still tired and drained. But the run was well worth it. At times during the run I didn’t think I would have the mental and physical strength to complete it. But finish I did. Now recovery time.