Pacifying irate customers is one of the several challenging aspects of customer service. If you are working in a call center facility, you know what and how irate customers are. Whether you are in the customer service department, sales, or like me in technical support, you surely must have come across such angry customers.

Out of all the challenges in customer service, working with customers who scream, yell, and curse is probably the biggest challenge. Most companies don’t tolerate the worst of these customers (they hang up), but what about the customer who is just really angry and isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong? How do you work with that customer?

* Lower your voice. This will force the customer to lower his or her voice to hear you.
* Provide a plan of action. Let the customer know what you can do and make it clear if you are doing anything special or going out of your way for that customer.
* Apologize to customers about the inconvenience and tell them that you are going to work with them to get their issues resolved.
* Ask them what they would like to happen to get the issue resolved (this works really well when customers are going on and on; simply ask, “Okay, what would you like us to do to get this issue resolved for you?” and go from there).

In almost all companies, angry customers are a fact of customer service life. It is important to not take the customer’s anger personally (it isn’t directed towards you specifically) and to do whatever you can to get the issue resolved. Even though some customers can’t be pleased, it is possible to work with a majority of customers who can start off angry and end up satisfied.

Source: Andy Sernovitz & Service Untitled