Team Galloway






I am running the above race tomorrow morning at New York City. This annual race actually takes place at Florida. Interestingly (and fortunately) for people like me, the organizers have provided the option for runners interested in this cause to be able to run in their own neighborhood, or anywhere they choose. The virtual full and half marathon results will be added to the existing full and half marathon events taking place in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on February 21, 2010. Thousands of runners and fans are expected to gather there this year and 100% of the entry fee would be donated to breast cancer research at Mayo Clinic and Care for Women with Breast Cancer.

How does a Virtual Race Work?

To run the virtual race, you need to register and run with a team. The team will first map a 26.2-mile route on by pointing-and-clicking where they want to run their marathon or half marathon, and collecting data during the actual run using Nike+, Garmin, Timex, and/or iMapMyRun iPhone GPS data collection devices.

I will be running with New York City’s Team Galloway of which I am a member and  Webmaster. The Team Captain and some of my fellow runners are running the full (26.2 miles) but I will limit myself to the half race (13.1 miles). The next full-marathon  I run will be the NJ Marathon on May 2nd 2010.

Auroville Marathon

Meanwhile, many of my former running buddies from Chennai Runners are doing the Auroville Marathon this weekend. Auroville is an international township about 8 kms from Pondicherry on  the southern coast of India. The marathon route there winds through the pristine, untouched forests in the Auroville green belt – making this a runner’s paradise. I am hoping they and I run our best races this weekend. Please wish us.