New York Movie

I had heard of this Hindi movie being released 2-3 months ago. I did not think much of it then and was not too eager about it. I watched the movie last weekend after renting the DVD from India Square near my home.  Here is my review.

There is a myth that ‘New York’ is only about 9/11. Fact is, it is not. It just reflects the mood that’s prevalent in US, post 9/11 where muslim names evoke suspicion.  The movie has a couple of nice songs although no one actually mouths them on screen. Also the background score is very good.

I liked the cinematography. I could recognise several of the locations in New York and Jersey City. In fact, I posted the picture above particularly as it’s of Liberty State Park in NJ from where you get a clear view of the Manhattan skyline.  The path behind the railing is where I recently ran the Liberty Newport half-marathon.

The movie is an entertaining thriller.  John Abraham is his macho self and good. Neil Nitin Mukesh emotes well. I liked him in Johnny Gaddar and he has not disappointed here. The surprise is Katrina Kaif, who fits the role perfectly and has performed well too. Irrfan Khan as the FBI agent is good, but after Slumdog Millionaire etc., I am finding him getting typecast in similar roles. I personally did not like the ending as I found it to be abrupt and felt the director Kabhir Khan tried to end the story quickly as he ran out of ideas.

Watch it for the beautiful picturization, songs and the awesome background score.

I rate this movie  3/5