Dilbert mail-in Rebate

One of the biggest marketing gimmicks in the US, is the mail-in rebates offered with many sale items. Most of these rebates are for gizmos which techies prefer. Many of my mail-in rebate forms do get processed and I get the rebate check in mail some 12, 16 or 18 weeks after submitting them. By then, I have either forgotten or have given up hope of seeing the money. There have been some occasions when I failed to submit the rebate form or if I did submit, that was the last I ever saw of it. No rebate check in mail and good luck trying to get hold of customer support at the rebate processing center. I personally hate mail-in rebates and feel its an evil marketing ploy that preys on buyers’ temptation and borders on being illegal. I wish this practice is banned.

Anyway, enough of my peeve! What is your experience with mail-in rebates ?