This is called the Ian Knot. My shoe laces would always come undone when I  walked fast or while running. Even during the half and full marathons I  ran, I had to stop to tie my undone laces. You know how annoying that can be.

Henceforth, I am going to use this knot and not have to worry about loose or undone laces. It took me several tries to unlearn the way I have always tied, but after several attempts I finally got the hang of it. I must admit, I paused this video several times to get the right way to loop and tie the two ends correctly. In the end, it is really is not complicated, trust me.

Give this a try and when you figure out how to do this right, you will realise how simple, yet effective the knot is.

Update: I ran 15 miles with this knot on Sunday (Apr 12) and walked 3 miles the next day during my lunch time at work wearing formal shoes with the same knot. I am happy to share that this knot did not come undone even once.