Garmin 305 Forerunner

Yesterday I received my new running tool (not toy, as some would think!). I had been holding out on buying this for quite some time now, mostly due to the cost. Also I never considered myself a professional runner to justify this splurge. I had been using the Tech4O  Accelerator watch which was okay to calculate the approximate distance run. It had an error rate of about 200 metres for every 4 mile, depending on my strides during the run.

The main features that I immediately plan to use are pace, heart rate, and distance. These three features will provide a huge amount of feedback and training flexibility. I want to train properly for the Chicago marathon and this watch would be a great training buddy.

However, I currently have painful posterior shin splints (pain in the shin area below both my calf muscles). So I  need to curtail my impatient eagerness to use it too soon. I will wait for a few days before I put this watch to test.  I have tested the heart rate function and it works well. I am now excited about hitting the road as soon as my shins are fit enough.