The Story of  India

Recently PBS aired the eagerly awaited and immensely interesting BBC documentary ‘The Story of India’.  When I sat down to watch the program, I didn’t think I would learn anything new about the history of India as I felt I knew everything that was to know through my school history lessons and the hugely popular ‘Discovery of India’ TV series that was shown in Doordarshan TV in India during the 80’s.

Michael Wood certainly surprised me. I was taught that the British East India Company came to India through Calcutta during the Moghal period. But that was incorrect. They actually came to Tanjore in South India. The King of Tanjore was buying guns and other commodities from the British and that’s how they happened to land in India !  Eventually they travelled via sea to Calcutta where they established themselves and spread their tentacles fin to rest of India.  I was also surprised to know that Islam spread in North India through Sufi minstrels and not mainly through sword !

I should get this DVD. This documentary is a definite watch.