I am reading this book now and was compelled to post about it. Trust me he is good.

Kafka on the Shore is many things: the title of a song, for one, a painting for another. And the novel’s central character is Kafka Tamura — though he doesn’t actually spend much time on any shore. Not any real one, anyway. But this is a Murakami novel and, as in all Murakami novels, as one of the characters observes: “The world is a metaphor, Kafka Tamura”. No doubt: the kid is practically drowning in that metaphor — but then aren’t we all ?

I will write my review after I complete this book. It is engrossing and I am now a fan of Haruki Murakami’s writing.

Update: I finished reading the book and I must say it was a truly enjoyable read. Suffice to say, the next book I read will also be his book. He has got a smooth writing style which keeps you glued to the book. I definitely recommend this book.