St Louis was the last place I lived in the US before I returned to India last year. Hence I have a soft corner for the place. Also, people I have been close to live there. So, it came as a pleasant surprise to know that the city conducted the Lewis & Clark Marathon this past Sunday (Sept. 16th). Here are some pictures.

Saint Louis Marathon

I am amazed by the turnout. 4,400 participants ! I never knew so many people in St Louis would be interested in this event.

Ice Bath

A tub of ice after the run.  Ahhh.. so refreshing and the best remedy for aching and cramping legs.

Also an Indian woman, Anjana,  ran this event for Asha the NGO support group that helps South Asian Women in the US and promotes and supports education for economically backward children in India. I don’t know her, but her timing of 2h 04m for the half-marathon (13.1 miles) is much better than mine and I envy and applaud her achievement.  I wish I was in St Louis to run this event.

By the way, Sept 16th was when Chennai Runners had their third ECR 30K run for which I volunteered. Here is the report of the event.

ps: The organizer of the above Lewis & Clark Marathon has left a comment to let me know that in addition to this, the St Louis Marathon is held during Spring. Wow ! what a surprise… two marathons a year in that city ? Wonderful !