I am currently reading this book. Its very well written and very inspirational. Will update more as I progress further into the book.

July 20 ’07 – I finished reading the book. The story starts with Lance finding out he has cancer, then fighting and vanquishing it and coming back to cycling and winning his first ‘Tour de France’. He admits that its his battle against cancer that makes him tough mentally and emotionally to win the gruelling cycling event. This is an excellent book for motivation and for succeeding against all odds. Successful athletes are selfish in their pursuits and to be a champion athlete you need people who can support you. His mother and wife are the pillars of support for him and without whom he could not have achieved this glory. Incidentally his marriage fell apart after he retired. He then dated American rock singer Sheryl Crow but that didn’t last for long.  But his fight against cancer and to come back against all odds to win the Tour de France for a record 7 times is unbelievable and that’s what makes him a legend and being beyond human. For pure inspiration, this book is a must read !