May 2nd ’07 – I have just started this book. With work, running and other preoccupations, I don’t know when I will finish it. But will update when done.

Kiran Desai had come to Landmark, Chennai for the book reading and signing. Too bad I missed it. I believe there was a large crowd there on that day.

June 17 ’07 – I finally finished reading this book ! Kiran Desai has written well and this book is a must read. Biju from Kalimpong, who manages to get a tourist visa to US, becomes an illegal in NY and does odds and ends job to survive there. His father in India thinks his son is doing well and is proud of the fact that his son is in America. Disllusionment soon sets into Biju and he realises he is trapped in a city where he has no identity and no life. He is homesick and wants to come back.

Sai, the adolscent falls in love with her math tutor and is miserable when he starts avoiding her and stops coming to tutor her. He too misses her but is too proud to admit it. The class difference between them becomes unsurmountable and she realises she is heading for spinsterhood. However, the book is much more than just these two stories and Kiran Desai undoubtedly deserves the ‘Booker’ for the way she has written this book. This book will certainly touch you.