Yes, I am now officially participating in my First marathon !

I will be running with some of my buddies from the Chennai Runners group.

Nike has sponsored some of us with shoes and I am one of them. I tried everywhere in Chennai and could not find a fuel belt for water. As luck would have it, Vidyuth my friend from the runners group, gave me his fuel belt, so now I am all set for the run.

As this is my first marathon, I am not really focusing on the time and would rather try to complete the run. Will post my official time on May 21st, when I am back in Chennai.

For those wondering what a fuel belt is, here is a pic. It also has a pouch to carry your cell phone. I found out the hard way that I couldn’t run for more than half-hour without water. It caused me dehydration induced headache and disorientation. Carrying a water bottle in hand while running is not feasible as you need your arms to be free and relaxed when running. I was dejected when I couldn’t find this in Chennai, when voilà, Vidyuth said he had a belt that he hardly used and offered it to me. So if you are serious about long-distance running then make sure you have the right foot-wear, clothing and this belt.I am realising that one of the benefits of running is I only need 5 hours of sleep. I sleep deep and well during that period. I no longer need the 8 hours of sleep that I thought was necessary.

Update: All the members of Chennai runners completed the half-marathon. I completed it in     2h 30m. A half marathon is 13 miles or 21.1 kms. There were several inclines and the run was tougher than what I expected. However, weather was perfect for the run, it was cool and probably in the 20s Celsius.