Mar 23 ’07 – I had heard much about this book and the movie being made on it. Mira Nair and Johnny Depp are producing it. Depp is acting in it. I have just started the book and its huge – 944 pages ! So its going to take me some time to finish it.

Johnny Depp is my favourite actor in recent times. He has managed not to be typecast and reminds me of the nervous energy that Dostoevsky portrayed in his book ‘Crime and Punishment’. After I read Shantaram, I will definitely try to see the movie. Its likely to be released in 2008.

This is a semi-autobiographical novel by Gregory David Roberts whose personal life is stranger than fiction. If any of you have read this book, then please let me know your thoughts.

ps: I will update this post as i progress further into this book.

johnny depp

Apr 25th ’07 I finished reading the book. Took me nearly a month to finish it. Change of job, work, training etc., did not allow me much time every day. Its engrossing and keeps your interest alive till the end. Very well written book. It took him 13 years to write this book. This is a must read and I definitely recommend it.