I have started running at the Marina beach in the mornings. I jog from Anna Square to Light House and back. I complete it in about 38-40 mins. My pre and post jog walks are about 20-30 mins. I feel refreshed.

However, a word of caution – unlike this picture, don’t go near the water in the mornings. Men, and I repeat men, are seen relieving themselves at the shore. My guess is they are fisher folk and vendors who sell their wares in the evenings at the beach and sleep overnight.

Marina does have a beach patrol, but sadly they turn a blind eye to this spectacle. Thankfully there is no stench in the mornings. I usually reach the beach a little before 6am. There are lots of people walking, jogging, playing, doing yoga, karate, boxing, laughing (humour club) etc.,

The corporation swimming pool near Anna Square charges Rs. 15/- per session, though I have not tried it yet.

The who’s who of Chennai are supposed to be at the beach at that hour, though I am yet to bump into a celebrity. Were it not for the beach, Chennai would be unlivable.