This is the book that I am currently reading. The subtitle to this book says

Parachute emphasizes the necessity of finding one’s “mission” in life in order to obtain meaningful employment.

This book is written by Richard Nelson Bolles and he lists several reasons why a job search might include a change in career. Some key components to consider when deciding a change are:

. We made a bad choice when we first chose our career, and now we’ve decided to set it right.
∙ We’ve been asked to do the work of three, and we feel stressed out, angry, exhausted, burnt out, and grumpy…
∙ We’ve decided we want to go into business for ourselves.
∙ All we wanted in the past for a job was money, now we want a job that has meaning…

Concerning job hunting methods, Parachute contains one notable surprise. In his very detailed research Bolles reveals that the Internet, with all of its job search capabilities, may actually provide the least successful method in finding work. Too often, Bolles alleges, job seekers rely exclusively on job boards to post their résumé to and then they wait for their employer of choice to call them about an open position. Unfortunately, according to Bolles, the Internet alone only offers a 4% success rate in finding a job when it is used as the exclusive job search method.

I have just started reading the book and I agree with above. One has to get to know more people and thus widen one’s horizon. I will update this post as I progress further into this book.