This is a classic and a must read. It was controversial and banned in Europe when published, but since then the ban has been lifted and two versions of the movie have been made. I heard the one with Jeremy Irons is the better made one.

Yes, the subject matter is controversial, but the book itself is neither vulgar nor pornographic. It is well written and has to be read in leisure. Which is why it took me nearly a month to complete it. Its not a long book. It contains 336 pages, but one needs to read, pause, ponder and then proceed. It is certainly not a racy book.

I will not go into the details of the story. Suffice to say its a story of a 40-year old man and his 12-year old step daughter. The book is written as a memoir by the man.

I definitely recommend this book as it is part of classic literature and makes one much to think about.