I am back in Chennai. Settling down to a comfortable lifestyle.
I still continue working for Symbol. I have resumed my walking/jogging and now try to watch what I eat. In Delhi I had let myself go and had eaten whatever and whenever available. Also no exercise in Delhi.

Been to Marina and loved it as always. Saw Vettaiyadu Vellaiyadu at Sathyam and the movie is ok. Cannot but help compare it to Kakka Kakka which I felt was a much better movie. Kamal is ok, but seems lethargic and fat in this movie. His pairing with Jyotika is a mismatch. No emotions from either actors. Prakash Raj as usual is good.

Need to try Rava Dosa’s at the famous Rayar’s mess in Mylapore. In all these years of living in Chennai I have never been there. Had been to another tradition – Bhatt’s Hotel in Ranganathan St. long time ago but sadly its no longer there.

Woodlands drive-in in Cathedral Rd. is as usual good. More for the ambiance than the service there, which is just tolerable.